‘One small step…’

Apollo League is the brainchild of two of Australia’s most successful smart money fund raisers. Their goal is to capture the essence of what they have learned in this space over a decade and build a platform that enables companies and smart money to connect more easily and with transformative outcomes.


Why Apollo League?

Before 1969, Apollo was best known as one of the most important and complex Olympian deities. After July 20, 1969 Apollo become a symbol of humankind’s potential, when we first walked on the moon. Apollo the deity was known for his ability to heal, as an archer, a muse and a prophet. The Apollo space program redefined human potential. It was for these reasons that a platform designed to help early stage and fast-growing companies see further and realise the impossible should share this name.


Apollo League’s mission

There is a quote which says that “...the future is not written. It lies in the choices you make. Our future is ours to decide. Always.”

You probably see yourself in this quote. You understand that what lies in your future is the product of the choices you make today. Apollo Leagues goal is to provide access to a greater variety of choices and opportunities to either continue your current career trajectory or to offer you alternative paths.


Build a crew

We all know the name Armstrong. He was the first man to walk on the moon. What we don’t know is the name of the other 400,000 men and women who made this walk possible. Many of these people spent the best part of a decade solving unsolvable problems, which when coupled with the courage of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins saw a dream become one of humankinds greatest ever achievements.

This Apollo program showed that success comes fastest when teams with specialised skills and experience build on each other’s smaller achievements. This is the underlying principle of Apollo league. We have created an environment when enduring business relationships are built and where resources, skills and experience fuel extraordinary business outcomes.


When planets collide

Apollo League is a fund-raising portal. Apollo League is also an executive recruitment portfolio. Our experience has identified that fast-growing companies need both to succeed.

Apollo League has access to tens of thousands of business leaders in Australia and around the world. Many of these leaders are experienced smart money providers. Others are just discovering the power of such investments. All of these leaders are seeking to build enduring and effective business relationships and Apollo League provides the connection.


Our hope

Our hope is that you join Apollo League and discover hidden worlds of opportunity that propels you to on your next great journey. If we can do this for you, then we have complete our mission.