Apollo League works for Stakeholders

How Apollo League works for Stakeholders


The Smartest Stakeholders are not just investing in businesses, they are also investing in themselves. They understand their nett value and choose to use this value to amplify the success of their financial investments.


The challenge to traditional stakeholders

The greatest threat to any stakeholder is a lack of transparency.

With Public Companies, decisions are made at board levels, but stakeholders find out the same time as everyone else. It’s the way the market is meant to work however this is cold comfort for those stakeholders whose expectations are not being met.

With private companies these rules are different. They don’t have the same limitations on disclosure, but transactions can be less transparent.

What stakeholders seek is a chance to see ‘behind the curtain’ and make decisions based on knowledge only available at ‘C’ or Board level. Apollo League offers stakeholders such an opportunity


How stakeholders access greater understanding of their investments

Apollo League offers stakeholders the opportunity to make investment decisions based ‘C’ and Board level information. How? By creating an environment where your investments provide you with access to Advisory, non-executive and executive level positions within the businesses where you invest. Once you’re ‘in the room’ you have insights and influence beyond traditional investment models


Level up

On this basis alone, Apollo League provides opportunities to stakeholders rarely seen, however this is just the beginning. When you successful apply for positions in Apollo League, you create additional opportunities to increase your wealth and investment, because all of the positions promoted include payment for services rendered, or additional equity.


Game changer

As an Apollo League member, you have the additional benefit of contributing to the success of your investment. You have networks. You have knowledge. You have experience. You have what it takes to help fast growing companies exceed expectations. Once you’re ‘in the room’ your influence can make a big difference. Apollo League provides this opportunity.


Multiply the opportunities

Finding one great opportunity is fantastic. Having directly involvement in the success of that business … even better. Having access to many opportunities and the good fortune to influence fast growing companies is exceptional. As an Apollo League member, you’re made aware of many opportunities as they become available. All you need to do is choose the ones that best fit the direction you want your career to go.


Multiple Board or Advisory roles

Apollo League is a fast way to build your professional credentials. Imagine the additional opportunities sitting on multiple boards or acting as an advisor to multiple fast-growing companies presents.


Joining the League

Apollo League is a group of individual stakeholders and companies with common causes. As a member, you have access and opportunities that you otherwise would not. You also have opportunities to increase both the size and quality of your networks. Your membership provides you with invites to participate in events and have one-on-one discussions with the visionaries behind fast growing companies. Apollo League connects dynamic people and dynamic companies, creating opportunities beyond business.


Code of conduct

All members of Apollo League go through an application process, where they are advised of the ‘code of conduct’. This ‘code of conduct is rigorously enforced, with the goal of ensuring that everyone involved conducts themselves with the highest personal and professional integrity. By holding all Apollo League members to the same rigorous standards, we intend to create a level playing field for advancement.


Who wins with Apollo League?

The spirit of Apollo League is the spirit of people working together towards a common goal. We know that the League only succeed when everyone succeeds. Our aim is to transform the investment environment through connecting visionary businesses with those who are yet to realise their full potential. If that is you, then we invite you to join now.